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FRANK Team in action

FRANK Team in action

We work with local councils and community organisations to design and deliver youth strategy and youth planning services. We also work and train young leaders to engage with fellow young people.

One of the good things about working with The FRANK Team is that you are very low maintenance. It’s just a case of booking something in, filling out a form and you are there. This makes it easy and simple for me to organise. Content of the workshop was good and very practical

Camille Cavill, Ashfield Council

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The FRANK Team delivers high-impact, engaging and interactive workshops and sessions for young people around Australia.

We work with

1. Youth Councils

2. Youth Committees & Teams

3. Youth Reference Groups

4. Youth Action Groups

5. Youth Leadership Groups

6. FReeZa Groups

Strategy Information

Audience Profiles

We work with young people from all ages and backgrounds.

Training Inclusions

– The FRANK Team will provide a project manager to oversee the booking and make the booking process seamless and smooth

– The FRANK Team will also undertake evaluations for each workshop (If requested)

Format of Training

We deliver face-to-face and virtual (via phone, Skype, online surveys) strategy support to clients. We also conduct focus group sessions with young people and stakeholders.

Duration of Strategy session

– We are able to deliver end-to-end strategy consultations, or one-off consultation workshops.

Trainers Available All Around Australia

We have trainers & facilitators based in NSW, QLD, NT and VIC and have the potential to travel around Australia.

We can support you by providing the following services
  1. Youth Charters; these are developed in deep consultation with young people. It provides a voice for young people
  2. Good Practice Tool-Kits; for internal staff training on how to engage with young people
  3. Youth Plans & Youth Strategies; These comprehensive 2-4 year youth-centric documents are well-researched and developed in consultation with young people and stakeholders across all sectors.
  4. Youth Surveys; to represent the views of young people
Additional services
  1. We enable young people to design and promote youth surveys; to ensure that information gathered is useful for development of Youth Strategies and Plans
  2. We enable young people to facilitate youth workshops and consultations; as peer to peer learning and facilitation is one of the most effective ways to engage young people
  3. We design and deliver focus groups & consultations; to hear from and document the views and opinions of young people
Case Study #1 Mildura Rural City Council

The FRANK TEAM worked with Mildura Rural City Council to develop, design and deliver a;

– Youth Survey (Receiving over 500 responses which was higher than expected)

– Youth Charter

– Social Media Tips Page

The approach taken to deliver on the 3 objectives above was very much focused on youth participation.

The Council has a Youth Liaison Committee – and The FRANK Team worked with them and the youth programs officer to ensure that they were included throughout the process

Case Study #2 Darwin City Council

The FRANK TEAM worked with Darwin City Council to develop and deliver their Youth Strategy. We undertook the following tasks;
– Consulted with key local stakeholders (face to face and over the phone)
– Consulted and trained local young people and local youth committees to canvas a diverse range of young people
– Researched and spoke to other LGA’s to find out about best practice approaches to delivering a Youth Strategy
– Delivered 4 focus groups on themes such as transport, body image, drug & alcohol abuse and pressure of exams



  • Australian Federal Police
  • Ashfield Councils
  • Marrickville Council
  • Wentworth Shire Council
  • Wyong Shire Council
  • Palmerston City Council & and many more!
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