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University session

The FRANK Team has over 10 years experience working with University and Tertiary students.

Our programs focus on enabling students to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We deliver experiential learning opportunities and training.

I can recommend Natasha and The FRANK Team for any project where enthusiasm, passion and results are required

Nicole Woll, University of Technology Sydney

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The FRANK Team delivers high-impact, engaging and interactive workshops and sessions for University and tertiary students.

We deliver the following services

1. Workshops and Training Seminars

2. Keynote speaking and panel opportunities

3. Student Orientation & Marketing sessions (E.g. during O-Week)

4. High school engagement sessions

5. Entrepreneurship Challenges

Training Information

Audience Profiles

We work with undergraduate, postgraduate, mature age, study abroad, exchange and international students.

Format of Training

We deliver face to face training sessions

Training Inclusions

– The FRANK Team will provide a project manager to oversee the booking and make the booking process seamless and smooth

– The FRANK Team will also undertake evaluations for each workshop (If requested)

Duration of Training 

– Workshops and training range from 1 hour to multi-day sessions.

– Standard sessions are between 2-3 hours in duration.

Trainers Available All Around Australia

We have trainers & facilitators based in NSW, QLD, NT and VIC and have the potential to travel around Australia.



Employability Skills
  1. Professional Brand; Market Yourself to Employers Learn how to create a powerful professional brand for yourself. Learn how to stand out from everyone else in the career marketplace. Learn how to market yourself to employers. You will understand the needs of employers and recruiters. You will be encouraged to create opportunities for yourself
  2. Career Passion, Purpose & Planning; Establish direction in your career path. Identify your passions and interests. This is an inspirational and motivational session.
  3. Confident Communication Skills; Learn key business and workplace communication skills, including written communication skills.
  4. Effective First Impression Skills; Learn the secrets and strategies to making the best first impression
  5. Powerful Public Speaking Skills; Learn key presentation principles to WOW your audience
  6. The Art of Networking; Become a masterful networker and leverage your ‘people power’. Learn about the power of online networks like LinkedIn
  7. Cross Cultural Communication & Etiquette; Learn how to work with across different countries and excel in varied cultural contexts
  8. MentorMate; Learn how to be an effective mentor and mentoree. Learn how to set up a mentoring structure
  9. Global Ambassadors; Leverage & promote your International Exchange/Study-Abroad and Leadership Programs
  10. Introduction to LinkedIn; Become a masterful networker on LinkedIn
Leadership & Social Impact Skills
  1. Leadership, Success and You;  We help you identify key leadership attributes and help you define your sense of personal purpose. You identify key leadership traits. You learn how to put your leadership into action in the community
  2. Civic Leadership; Learn the different styles of social leadership and common attributes of civic leaders. Identify social issues that you care about and that would like to take action towards.
  3. Be A Change Maker – Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship; Learn how to create social change and build a social enterprise
  4. Make It Happen: Learn how to turn your ideas to reality, to make the world a better place
Strategic Planning Skills (Ideal for Clubs and Societies)
  1. Event Management; Learn how to plan and implement an event. Learn how to prepare budgets and workbreakdown structures for event planning.
  2. Event Marketing; Learn how to market and promote your event including learning key social media skills and PR skills
  3. Strategic Planning; Learn how to plan strategically for your event or Club/Group/Committee. Learn how to do a SWOT analysis and map out your Objectives and Key Results
  4. Meeting Management; Learn how to manage your meetings and AGMS. Learn how to prepare financial reports
  5. Governance; Learn key governance skills as well as how to implement strategies and processes that ensure good governance
  6. Team Management & Managing Conflict; Learn how to excel in team environments. Learn tools to manage conflict
  7. Grants & Sponsorship; Learn key grant writing skills. Learn key sponsorship skills.
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Skills (Ideal for Business Schools)
  1. Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition This is a FRANK Team program where we encourage participants to team up. Students learn about the Lean Business Canvas and learn key brainstorming, team management and pitching skills.  This is a very interactive and fun program.
Customised Programs
We can also design and deliver workshops and programs to suit your individual needs and your program objectives
Case Study #1; UTS Accomplish Award
We worked with the University of Technology to develop the Accomplish Awards Program which is an employment and career skills programs. We developed this program through a pilot of 100 students, and now have developed this program to include over 600 students.

The aim of this program was to enable students to obtain more ‘real world’ career ready training, skills development and experience.

This 1 year program encompasses 100 hours of volunteer/work experience as well as skills training and mock assessment centres.

FRANK Team delivers professional branding and communication training for students and is consistently rated as one of the best programs. Our programs in the first year received over 90% satisfaction ratings from the students.


I can recommend Natasha and The FRANK Team for any project where enthusiasm, passion and results are required

Nicole Woll, University of Technology Sydney


Case Study #2; Macquarie University - Global Leadership Program & Future Leaders Program

We have worked with Macquarie Uni since 2006.

The aim of this GLP is to stand up for global issues and stand out from the pack. FRANK Team delivers a session called ‘ME INC;  Professional Brand’ workshop where students create their brand values, undertake a skills audit to assess their strengths and skills. They also have practice to pitch their skills.

The students are encouraged to create their own opportunities and create their ideal career for themselves.

Future Students Program – The Future Students team seeks to develop the profile of Macquarie University as a university of choice for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The FRANK Team delivers a workshop for high schools students which enables them to develop their leadership skills, identify their passions and create an action plan to lead change



We can always rely on FRANK Team for a consistently high standard performance…It is a pleasure to be working with FRANK Team and we hope to continue to develop the relationship in years to come. Thank you for all your support and hard work

Chloe Spackman, Global Leadership Program Coordinator, Macquarie University


Case Study #3; Western Sydney University, Business Entrepreneurship Challenge

We have worked with WSU’s Business School to deliver an Entrepreneurship Challenge over the last 2 years. There are around 100 students from local high schools that take part in this Entrepreneurship Challenge.

In teams they need to come up with ideas to solve social problems. They then work through Lean Canvas (1 Page Business Plan) principles to make that idea happen. The day involves pitching competitions, team building games, hearing from Mentors and much more.

The feedback always is very positive from this event.

University & Tertiary Clients
  1. Melbourne University
  2. Sydney University
  3. La Trobe University
  4. University of South Australia
  5. University of New South Wales
  6. Bond University
  7. Great Southern TAFE
  8. Griffith University
  9. Deakin University
  10. LCP Vocational Partnership Group



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